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Health Transitions Clinic has helped hundreds of people get their health back. Scroll down to read about a few of the lives we have touched.

A Few of Our Patients and Their Accomplishments


No Longer Diabetic!

  • Lost 61 lbs
  • Eliminated 4 Medicines
  • A1C from 7.5 (with meds) to 5.4 (with no meds)!

Karen's story

I have always been overweight. My family doctor kept telling me I was going to be diabetic. But I never believed her. Then about 10 years ago, sure enough I was diabetic. Never was I told it could be reversed or cured. I was told it could be controlled, but that was all. 

" I now know that diabetes can be cured.

I saw an advertisement on Facebook for Dr. Pruchno’s seminar. Talked my daughter into going and decided to do the program together. All I can say was it was life saving for both of us. It was a very simple program to follow, the staff was wonderful, Dr. Pruchno was wonderful, and we did well right away. Soon I was off the glipizide, weaned off the Metformin, stopped the blood pressure pills, and was feeling so much better. 

" Soon I was off the glipizide, weaned off the Metformin, stopped the blood pressure pills, and was feeling so much better.

My daughter also got off all of her medication. Right from the start we knew this wasn’t a diet but a life change. We are now big label readers and know how many carbs are in just about everything. The high protein, high fat, low carb, was ideal for both of us. I now know that diabetes can be cured. 

" I thank Dr. Pruchno and his staff for this life-changing experience.

I know neither one of us will ever go back to eating the way we did before as we feel so much better now. I thank Dr Pruchno and his staff for this life-changing experience. The weekly weigh ins, monthly meetings, recipes, and everything else they did for us made it a success. We can’t thank them enough for all they did for us and making our life so much more enjoyable. Our lives forever changed. We do not miss our old ways of eating at all!

Karen participated in a group of ten people which met between December 2018 and September of 2019.  During the program she was able to lose 61 pounds.  Her blood sugars normalized, allowing the elimination of two diabetes medications, as well as medications for hypertension, and chronic GERD.  Her hemoglobin A1c went from 7.5 (on medications) at the beginning of the program to 5.4 (on no medications).  A Hemoglobin A1c of 5.5 or lower is in the NORMAL, non-diabetic range.  One of Karen’s motivations was the health and well being of her daughter Emily, who went through the program with her. Emily was able to lose 87 pounds during the program.  Both are doing well and convinced that they will follow this program forever.


Off All Insulin!

  • Lost 61 lbs
  • Eliminated All Insulin (started @ 100 units / day)
  • Feels 20 Years Younger!

Roxanne's story

For several years, my cardiologist encouraged me to see Dr. Pruchno for weight loss, saying it would be very beneficial for my heart.

" I had tried many diets and none had been successful.

I inwardly rebelled, as I had tried many diets and none had been successful. I’d even considered bariatric surgery, though I ultimately chose to avoid the risk of complications. When facing yet another cardiology visit (and another gentle reminder about weight loss), I finally decided to make an introductory appointment with Dr. Pruchno. It was one of the better decisions of my life.

" It was one of the better decisions of my life.

I started Dr. Pruchno’s program with the sole goal of losing weight, not imagining that it would actually work for me, much less lead to a reduction in my insulin and other meds. When I’d first received counseling on insulin by a diabetic educator in 2015, I’d been told diabetes was inexorably progressive, because a pancreas would slowly fail. My doses would gradually increase. And I would be on insulin for life.

Dr. Pruchno’s program provided steady, healthy weight loss. I started on the program taking Metformin, 66 units of Lantus daily, and around 18 units of Novolog with each meal. Two months later I no longer needed Lantus, and four months after that I was able to stop Novolog entirely.  A few weeks ago, my A1c was 5.9. 


" Two months later I no longer needed Lantus, and four months after that I was able to stop Novolog entirely.

  I’m delighted! A number of other meds were discontinued or reduced as well, and as my lipid panels and blood pressure are now well below normal, those meds will need to be adjusted, too.  Better health and saving money, to boot.

But those aren’t the only benefits. I reached a sixty pound weight loss in ten months. I would add “before and after” photos here, but for decades I made sure that I was always behind the camera instead of in front of it—or I would carefully hide behind others in any photo. I didn’t want to be seen.

Even those in need have benefited from Dr. Pruchno’s program. After dropping from a 2X  size  to a size 8, I had to donate over twenty large bags of winter and summer clothing to shelters, and I feel twenty years younger!   R. Rustad 


Ms. Rustand participated in a special group in which all participants started out on fairly large doses of insulin, and had been on insulin for several years.  Of the 10 initial participants,7 were able to completely eliminate insulin.  Four of the participants were able to eliminate all medications for diabetes.  Of those participants still on insulin, they’re average dose decreased by 73%, while they’re diabetic control significantly improved.  9 of the 10 participants continue to work actively toward eliminating insulin, and are likely to accomplish this.  While weight loss was not the primary goal of this project, all lost weight, averaging 36 pounds (7 to 66).


No Longer a Serial Dieter

  • Lost 70 lbs
  • Able to sit on the floor to play with her grandchildren

Connie's story

I am a retired educator, having spent most of my adult life teaching.  I began struggling with my weight after the birth of my first child.  I always attributed this weight gain to being less active, and on focusing so much more of my time on my career and my family.  I never became sick as a result of my weight gain, but certainly hated the way my clothes fit, and noticed increasing back and joint pains. 

I spent years going from diet to diet, convinced that by shear will, I could successfully lose weight.  At various times I was able to lose 40 to 60 pounds following at least 5 different diet plans.  Invariably, once I reached my goal, or stopped losing, I rapidly went back to my old way of life, and rapidly regained all the weight.  Though I tried,  I found that once I had done a diet plan, I could never get the same results doing the same plan over.  At various times I did Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Medifast, Nutrisystems, and Ideal Protein Diet.

I found that as I got older, it became progressively harder to lose, and I became progressively less mobile.  It hurt to walk up a flight of stairs.  I found that I couldn’t expect to sit on the floor and play with my grandchildren.

I went to a Health Transitions Clinic seminar hoping for one more diet plan.  What I found was a whole new understanding of why I could never keep the weight off.  After every successful diet, I went right back to emphasizing whole grains and plenty of healthy fruit, fruit juices and milk. 

The fact that I lost over sixty pounds during the ten month program was not nearly as significant as the understanding that I now had a “dieta”, a way of life that could keep from ever regaining any weight.  I feel as though I became ten years younger, but more importantly, I can get down on the floor and play with my grandchildren.  The program has changed my life.

Connie participated in a group which included 13 people which met every month between January and November of 2016.  During the program she lost 72 pounds, dropping to 149 pound.  Now, four years later, her weight has varied by no more than about five pounds. Her group lost a total of over six hundred pounds, and several members of her group were able to eliminate medications for diabetes, hypertension and GERD (heart burn).