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A physician directed and supervised weight loss program.

We can help you change your life!


I now know that diabetes can be cured. I know neither one of us will ever go back to eating the way we did before as we feel so much better now. I thank Dr Pruchno and his staff for this life-changing experience."


Imagine thinking that you would always be on insulin, and in 5 months, not only off insulin, but off all diabetic medications!!"


I'm enjoying life so much more now. It's the best money I spent in my life!"


I'd just like to thank Dr. Pruchno - he saved my life."

Tim N.

Dr. Pruchno’s program provided steady, healthy weight loss. I started on the program taking Metformin, 66 units of Lantus daily, and around 18 units of Novolog with each meal.

Two months later I no longer needed Lantus, and four months after that I was able to stop Novolog entirely. A few weeks ago, my A1c was 5.9. I’m delighted! "


I feel great. I was on 8 different medications before I started. Now I'm on no medications. I beat everything - I beat diabetes. The plan really works."

Tim N.

Replace expensive with great tasting food!

Learn how to cook simple, restaurant-quality dishes developed by a culinary expert and registered dietitian. Watch and re-watch recorded cooking demonstrations as many times as you want until you’ve mastered each dish.