Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

How it is organized

The ten month program is designed to help you understand how the food choices you make are affecting your weight. You’ll learn the science behind why carbohydrates make people gain weight. More importantly, we will take you through a series of easy changes in your diet, and daily meal planning that will allow you to effectively lose weight and keep it off. The plan works in phases to ensure safe weight loss and encourage successful maintenance, free from medications for obesity-related diseases. You will work very closely with a physician at every step, with gradual titration off medications. This program is specifically designed for people with type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and those at risk for developing diabetes.

Phase one

  • Begins with a full comprehensive consultation with Dr. Pruchno to discuss health history, medications, previous attempts at weight loss.
  • A full lab evaluation will also be performed (recent labs done elsewhere will be reviewed and not duplicated).
  • An initial meeting with the dietitian in order understand what carbohydrates are, and how to count them.
  • A period of counting and recording carbohydrates (and possibly blood sugars) while potentially making changes in medications and diet prior to starting the formal curriculum.

Phase two

  • Initiate a diet very low in carbohydrates, while monitoring weight, blood sugars, blood pressures and hunger.
  • Monthly group meetings with Dr. Pruchno, which include important messages regarding the process of weight loss and meal planning.

Phase three

  • Exercise is added to the program, with a goal of 30-45 minutes per day. A discount to a local health club is also part of the program.
  • All participants receive a Fitbit® tracker to help monitor progress in exercise and movement, and to help inspire improvement.
  • The focus moves to a maintenance of your weight loss, and the continuing adjustments or discontinuation of medications.

 Phase four

  • The final phase of the program attempts to push each participant to make the changes they have made throughout the program permanent.
  • Important topics addressed during this phase include: how to make good choices at restaurants and family gatherings.
  • Internalizing the lessons learned include taking over the necessary monitoring of weight, blood sugars and blood pressures.
  • A personalized cookbook/meal plan is put together through several in depth interactions with the dietitian, which will hopefully be the basis of the final diet.

How do I get started?

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