This sounds similar to South Beach, and other fad diets. How is it different?

The program is about lifestyle modification for long-term success rather than just a short-term diet. Our goal is to help overweight or obese individuals suffering from chronic conditions lose weight so they can regain their health and stop taking medications.

Do I have to eat pre-packaged foods?

No. The program is designed around regular food you can prepare yourself at home. You’ll learn what types of foods are best to eat, as well as portion control to lose weight and maintain the loss.

Do you accept insurance?

Your insurance should cover the initial complete consultation, including most initial lab work.  Most medical insurance does not cover weight loss programs, but we encourage you to ask your insurance agent.  If you would like, we will file a claim with your insurance, and if covered, we will be happy to refund any covered charges.

Will I need to exercise?

Exercise is part of the third phase of the program, which begins after your initial weight loss. The goal is to exercise 30 minutes per day to help maintain your weight loss. A discount to a local health club is included in the program, plus a Fitbit® to track your progress.

What kind of weight loss can I expect?

Everybody will lose weight differently due to body type, metabolism, activity level, etc. However, the program is designed for weight loss during the initial stages of the program, with maintenance being the focus of the phrase three.

Do I need to be overweight to take part in the program?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is what determines if a person is overweight or obese. We welcome individuals who are 18 years or older and have a Body Max Index (BMI) of 26 or higher.

I am on medication for diabetes and high cholesterol, can I still particpate?

Absolutely. Because the program is supervised by Dr. Pruchno, it’s recommended for individuals with chronic diseases due to obesity. You’ll meet monthly with Dr. Pruchno to ensure any medication levels are adjusted accordingly.

Is there any type of group support I’ll have to attend?

We’ve found people generally have a higher success rate when they participate in group sessions with other individuals in the plan. It’s a great way to share meal plan ideas, offer support, etc. We hold monthly meetings with a small group- typically only 10-15 participants.

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