Tell me about the food!

Everyone wants to know about the food. Luckily food is our passion. Here at Health Transitions Clinic, we teach our patients to get rid of processed food and focus on using fresh ingredients for their meals. The first thing we teach our patients is that carbohydrates are directly tied to increased insulin and weight. The lifestyle we promote is a low carb, high fat (LCHF) lifestyle, thus eliminating the processed foods from the diet. From day 1 we tell our patients to eat vegetables with each meal.

We will teach you how to cook them in ways you haven’t tried or thought of, which brings out different flavors and makes them more appealing. We explain to our patients that they will be following a vegetable-based diet with protein and fat for each meal. This is a diet suited for vegans, vegetarians, the gourmet chef, and even the average Joe.